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The 360 view of Solutions Management has kept us growing in different aspects of business with different solutions according to the needs. Driven by innovations and intellectuality and deliver the best possible results is the core function of SOLUTIONS 360. Our innovativeness in delivering a solution or service assure our customers to SOLVE their current problems; SECURE maximum profits and to SIMPLIFY their life in business operations.

SOLUTIONS 360 LIMITED was formed by professionals who thinks out of the box and tries to bring substantial changes by giving preferred services to its customers. The unparalleled innovativeness has pushed SOLUTIONS 360 LTD. to be one of the leading service provider in the every growing business field.

  • Rabiul Alam
    Rabiul AlamCo-Founder
    Chief Executive Officer

    Rabiul Alam is the current CEO of Solutions 360 Ltd, brings his entrepreneurial and leadership skills to add to the dynamism and progressiveness of the company.
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    • Syed Asif Iqbal
      Syed Asif IqbalCo-Founder
      Chief Marketing Officer

      Syed Asif Iqbal, the current CMO of Solutions 360 Ltd, brings his innovations and entrepreneurial skills to create the blend of creativity , uniqueness and brands.
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      Our Services


      According to the current scenario organizations  has mastered the art of offline communication, but it is still at a very early stage to build its forte at nailing it online. We do the evolution and rebrand you in a different way.


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      Sometimes, your website simply needs a little something extra, and we specialize in envisioning intelligent web applications to make your website easier to navigate and deliver a better user experience.


      Our Creative Marketing are an energetic, client-focused marketing process based on analysis and proper diagnosis for maximum outcome. We plan, design, implement and manage creative, and profitable, marketing campaigns aimed at boosting your sales.


      Customer’s whose lives revolve around being constantly connected to technology (Blackberries, iPhones, Facebook, Twitter, video games, and more), AR offers a serious opportunity for marketers to reach these important consumers. With augmented reality, marketers can take the physical world and combine it with the digital world, giving both users and brands the ability to connect even further with a product before, during and after making a purchase.

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